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At PA Health Management, our focus is on increasing positive health outcomes and the quality of life of individuals in our community. We achieve this by spending time with each person one-on-one, building a supportive team and working to understand the details of each unique case. We help individuals reach medical and social goals and prevent issues and risks through identifying and addressing their root causes. PA Health Management is qualified through the Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL), Department of Human Services (DHS), to provide Service and Supports Coordination for eligible individuals throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania.

PA Health Management provides Service Coordination through the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) chosen by the Department of Human Services to deliver Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS). Supports available to individuals are specialized for a wide array of health and social needs, including and not limited to physical disabilities, mental disabilities, brain injuries, cognitive impairments, mental health concerns, individuals who are aging and more.

Pennsylvania’s Community HealthChoices Health Plans:


Supports Coordinators work with individuals and their families in several aspects.

Your Service Coordinator will conduct Comprehensive Needs Assessments to ensure goals are met while progression and new needs are documented in each individual’s unique Plan of Care (POC). This involves a variety of assessments and steps to deliver appropriate support. Communication and meeting often to evaluate progress are essential. Individuals may involve friends, family and advocates in their team meetings with their Service Coordinator who will assist with contacting and coordinating their Person-Centered Planning Team (PCPT).

At minimum, the following assessments and notes are documented for every individual approved for waiver services:

For the Community HealthChoices (CHC) Waiver:

  • The Plan of Care (POC)
  • The InterRAI
  • The Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)
  • Progress Notes

For the Attendant Care Waiver, ACT 150 Program, COMMCARE Waiver and OBRA Waiver:

  • The Care Management Instrument (CMI)
  • The Level of Care Assessment (LOCA)
  • An Individual Service Plan (ISP)
  • Progress Notes

The Service Coordination team assists individuals in locating and accessing services which may not be offered by their respective waiver or program, such as resources available in the community.

We communicate, monitor progress and ensure the individual at the center of care has team meetings to reevaluate effectiveness of their Plan of Care (POC). A Supports Coordinator will call at least once per month and visit in-person once per three months, or more often, to ensure that services are being delivered as outlined in their plan.

why choose us?

We’re State-Wide

PA Health Management provides services in all 67 counties of PA, ensuring coverage for both urban and rural communities.

We’re Local

Service Coordinators live locally in the areas they provide service to. We’re so close, you may run into us at your local farmer’s market.

24/7 Live Support

In house Call Center and Cloud-Based Ticketing System increases service satisfaction, promotes efficiency and expedites returns on requests.

18+ Languages on Staff

Diverse staffing options are available and translation services are available at no cost for those who have additional language preferences.

Quality Assurance

We set exceptional quality standards. Success is measured through metrics of Key Performance Indicators and demonstrated through high-quality results.

Digital Efficiency

We are equipped with advanced technology, devices, and cloud-based cross-platform systems, making us agile and optimizing our business ecosystem.

Free Public Education and Advocacy Services

We are focused on enriching the health, safety and quality of life of individuals in our community. We share information and resources and offer advocacy support.

Unmatched Staff Education

Our team receives both hands-on and university-style training from managers with years of experience and an advanced educational system built in-house.

Facility Transition Assistance

Our team assists with transitioning from a nursing home to the community and helps with resource and activity navigation. If it’s your goal, we’ll help you reach it.


View eligibility requirements and services an individual may be eligible for through the following waivers and program here:


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Attendant Care Waiver and the ACT 150 Program

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We also provide Supports Coordination for the Adult Autism Waiver offered through the Bureau of Autism Services, the Office of Developmental Programs. For more information on our Adult Autism Waiver Services, visit our Supports Coordination for the Adult Autism Waiver page.


Included below is a breakdown of the services an individual may be eligible for through each waiver and program.

The Community HealthChoices (CHC) Wavier:

Community HealthChoices (CHC) Adult Benefit Package

Community HealthChoices (CHC) Long-Term Services and Supports Benefit Guide

The Attendant Care Waiver/Act 150 Program and the OBRA Waiver:

Support Services Waiver Information


PA Health Management provides Service Coordination in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania and our Service Coordinators live locally in the regions they serve. The Community HealthChoices (CHC) Waiver, OBRA Waiver, and Act 150 Waivers are available state-wide to all eligible individuals in Pennsylvania. To begin the application for a waiver, click here.

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